Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogger it is!!

So I decided to use Blogger instead of wordpress to blog! It is just so much easier to figure out! And I just rather keep things simple and easy!

So I had to post a few pictures using this app on my iPhone to test it all out. That is my doggie, Chico (aka Cinco). Isn't he a cutie!!

This picture is of Kookie. This was taken back in 2005 but I love this picture of her, so I had to post it! She is smiling!!

So I like this blogpress app because I can upload more than one picture to a post!

I am happy now, so I will get to blogging!!

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AngelaR said...

I'm follower here now! LOL ... Glad to see you on Blogger .. I didn't like that other blog set up either!

Happy Scrappin


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